Have no fear! Gay Be Gone is here.


Gay Be Gone is a scientifically developed liquid formula harvested from convalescent plasma of recovered ex-homosexuals. It’s packaged conveniently in a pocket or purse size spray bottle. Just one spray is all you need to keep those pesky gays at bay or to turn that perfect gay guy in to a perfect strait one..

Total satisfied male customers

Total satisfied female customers

Men… are you constantly being hit on by “sexually compromised” men?

Do your butt cheeks begin to heat up everytime you walk into a bar? I mean literally, you feel a burning sensation. You look back to check what’s going on and to your surprise you see a guy looking you up and down like you’re some piece of meat. You try to leave the unpleasant situation only to find another one salivating at your rear end. What do you do?

Women… are you having a hard time finding that perfect guy?

You meet a nice guy, tall, dark and handsome. He compliments you on your dress, your shoes and hair. He holds great conversations that are incredibly stimulating and a bit too long. This is the perfect guy you say! But some things are just too good to be true. You suspect that this might be a bate and switch. Who says that all good ones are taken or gay? Well SURPRISE! This one is and he’s GAY. What a Bummer!!!

Gay Be Gone to the rescue!

Spray some on yourself before you enter a nightclub or bar and become completely invisible to all the gay eyeballs. Gay Be Gone is completely odor free so you will never attract any suspicion that you prefer a homo-free environment.

  • NWorks on men and women (butch lesbians may need a few extra squirts)
  • NTurns homosexuals into heterosexuals
  • NWorks as a gay repellent if applied to a heterosexual
  • NLasts up to 7 days
  • NWill not stain clothes
  • N100% organic and biodegradable ingredients
  • NNever tested on animals (we couldn’t find any gay ones)
  • NProudly manufactured by strait folks in the USA

Sorry girls!

 This doesn’t work on hot lipstick lesbians. There are no current plans to change this.


I’m no longer gay!

I was once gay and a frequent patron of Oil Can Harry’s but after a few sprays of Gay Be Gone I no longer crave to put on my leathers in the middle of the night. I’m not gay (anymore) but my boyfriend is. On our next anniversary I will give him Gay Be Gone as a gift. Thanks Gay Be Gone!
– Will Noriss (Austin, TX)


GBG had reverse effect on me! Please help!!!

I am a heterosexual man and I am tired of gays hitting on me. So I used the recommended dose and sprayed it on myself but after a few hours I noticed something strange. I began to look at my dog in a sexual manner. This is not normal and I never had these type of feelings. How can I reverse this effect??? Please help me!!! I don’t want to sleep with my dog any more!!!
– Paul George (Houston, TX)


Great gift idea.

Great gift idea! I gave it to all of my co-workers at Oil Can Harry’s. Will let you know next week what the reaction was.
– Dave Smith (Miami, FL)


Works like a charm!

This product works like a charm. I can’t believe no one has ever thought of it until now.
– Robert Kuntz (Los Angeles, CA)


Am I doing something wrong?

Gay Be Gone didn’t work for me. I sprayed it on myself a few dozen times but I still had those nasty cravings. Does it work on closet fags?
– Alex Mahmud (New York, NY)


It really worked!

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I used Gay Be Gone last week at a gay bar. And I must say it really worked!
– Joe Rodriguez (Houston, TX)


Hmmm go figure!

I never even knew that I was gay until Gay Be Gone. Hmm go figure!
– Stan Khers (San Antonio, TX)


It just wasn’t meant to be.

Well I tried Gay Be Gone but I must say that within 24 hours I was back to being gay. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.
– Bob Shmit (Carson, NV)

ATTENTION: If you are offended by this product or website, or you think this is a real product then please contact us so that we can send you Idiot Be Gone spray absolutely free (just pay for shiping and handling). Spray it once on yourself before bed and once in the morning when you wake up. We guarantee that your IQ will increase by 100%.